Backup Your Rope Access Logbook

Losing your Rope Access logbook could be a disaster, digital backups mean you never have to suffer if it ever happens to you.

We see time and time again the effects of losing a Rope Access logbook. Your whole career is in there, meticulously recorded in blood, sweat and tears.! No matter how well you look after it, there is always the chance of it going missing or even being stolen. Losing it for whatever reason means going through the nightmare of tracing back every job, every employer, every supervisor and every hour worked. It gets worse - Losing your Rope Access logbook has a direct effect if you are moving up a level, you could end up having to do way more hours to get to the next level than you actually need.

We heard of one tech who had his stolen from the back of his car, it was in his laptop case alongside his laptop. There were over 3000 hours recorded on that one, he never managed to get all his hours recorded and signed - it was a disaster. The most recent one was only a short while ago. A technician filling his out on the train home, he left it on the seat when he got off the train - it was never seen again, there were 1500 hours in that one. We've hear many many more instances of this happening with alarming regularity.

We've been running our free digital Rope Access logbook for a number of years now and it's saved many techs the heartache of having to recover their work history, whilst it will never fully replace a hard copy (as it hasn't got the signatures) it helps you record exactly what is in your original, there are also a few features that can only be offered in a digital format - the ability to view it as a timeline, see your average height worked, see the rate you got for the job etc.

Avoid the nightmare of losing your Rope Access logbook and back it up now.

It's fast, easy and totally free for anyone with a rigg-access account to use.

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