New One-way Locking Rescue Hauler

Control the lowering of heavy loads using just a finger and thumb!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE New onto the market is a rescue hauler which incorporates one-way locking bearings to allow the pulley to operate with minimum friction when lifting but maximum when lowering. The manufacturers tests show that whilst lowering a load as part of a 4:1 pulley system the friction can increase as much as 80% allowing the operator to control the lowering of an 80Kg load just a finger and thumb!. With a minimum Working Load Limit of 400Kg, it can easily cope with 2 persons and a stretcher when used in a rescue operation. It's features include a 'non-aggressive' locking cam which can be activated when lifting to completely eliminate any loss of control (the cam slides against the rope and is designed to create minimal damage to the rope even under tension). The device is reasonably lightweight (878g) and compact (Length of 9 inches / 22cm) allowing it to fit under the head of a tripod whilst still alowing a person to be fully extracated.For full details and all the spec go to Locking Rescue Hauler ####Abaris International LimitedTel: 01484 665531W: