Sneak preview at the new Petzl ID Descender

A look at the new versio of the petzl ID Descender due for release in the UK soon.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Those of you who use Petzl products will know that Petzl are one of the market leaders in the field of PPE for Work at height and invest a huge amount of money in product development. It's now clear that they are good listeners too as they have taken on board feedback from the users of the ID Descender and have made some changes to make it an even better product...The new improved version which will be available in UK soon (easily identifiable from the original version by a button on the tip of the handle of the ID mark 2) has the following changes:- The cam has been tweaked to allow a smoother rope run through the device when descending (no more jerky movements when lowering yourself down a slight incline such as a roof).- Every position now has a positive click so you know that the device is firmly set in that mode- There is now a button on the end of the handle which allows you to take the device to the full 'panic' position then ease the cam gently open by pressing the button with your thumb. The clever thing about this new feature is that the device will still lock up if you go too quickly in panic as the weight of your body forces the button out and the cam shut (you cannot physically keep the button compressed however hard you try!).- There is a screw cleverly stored within the device which can be removed then screwed into a pre-positioned hole to keep the device permenantly closed (useful if you want it make it part of a rescue pack and want to have a pre-threaded rope within the device which others cannot remove).- There are now clear markings on the reverse of the device showing the device positions which makes things a whole lot easier if using it upside down (hanging off an anchor) as a rescue device.- The user instructions are now very comprehensive and include details of its use as a rescue device for evacuation by accompanied descent (snatch rescues) involving total weights up to 200Kg (for evacuation lowering from an anchor point this figure increases to 250Kg) For full product details go to: Abaris International Limited are one of the leading specialists in the provision of equipment for work at height, confined space and rescue. ####Abaris International LimitedTel: 01484 665531W: