Manta Multi-role Helmet

A look at an innovative helmet which has been designed and tested to be used in a variety of different environments

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Those working in industrial rope access or height safety may be interested in a helmet which is making inroads into the technical rescue world. The Manta Multi-role helmet has been designed and tested for use at height (being EN14052 - High Performance Industrial helmet), in water (being PAS028 - Marine Safety Standard) and even for use on All Terrain Vehicles (being FS/1 - ATV / Quad bike - CE Fit for purpose).The helmet comes in a complete range of colours and styles and is designed to be comfortably paired with most communication sets, as well as a number of visors for forestry / arborist work. It also features an integral drop-down polycarbonate visor which conforms to EN166. Already in use within a number of rescue organisations who have seen the benefits of having one helmet for many roles, it seems the helmet is likely to become an increasingly common feature in access and rescue environments.For full details go to Helmet ####Abaris International LimitedTel: 01484 665531W: