Welcome to Natasha!

Natasha has joined United Rope Access Limited to help with the development and on boarding of new subscribers.

United Rope Access would like to introduce our new Marketing Executive to you all, Natasha started with URA at the start of March. Her main focus will be keeping information current and circulated in the public forum on a day to day basis, to help attract new subscribers through several channels.

To find out more about URA and to keep up to date, please follow the following links:




The 5 main aims of United Rope Access Limited are detailed below, the works carried out by the company will help improve the safety and operations of non Irata member work scopes in the United Kingdom. Everyone involved in the rope access industry in the UK will be happy to support the movement and progression of United Rope access Limited, only those who know they don’t operate safely or are unfair with the employees will not be supportive of the services offered.

Our aims are…

  • To protect the IRATA trained technicians from, employers who do not operate safely and/or fairly. Providing legal & HR support when required.
  • To be the UK’s main organisation to support the non IRATA member companies in the industry, to achieve best practice and increase the level of safety.
  • To actively support the IRATA trained technicians to improve, safety standards, relations with employers which will improve the quality of work in the industry.
  • To educate companies with regards to best practice within the industry, which will promote continued improvement.
  • To become the first Trade Union specifically for the IRATA trained rope access technicians. Once we have a substantial subscriber base, they will nominate and vote for the committee. At this point United Rope Access Limited will legally change over to become a trade union.

United Rope Access Limited want to help make the industry stronger and safer in the future, covering areas of the industry that IRATA don’t monitor or have any impact on. Working with technicians for technicians…