Cost Per Click Savings With Rigg Access

Don't pay too much for your display advertising, put your course materials in front of the most highly qualified leads

Key Metrics

Rigg Access distributes training course ads to a user network/target market of technicians interested in training. Clicks on these ads generate highly qualified Page Impressions (PI). Modal Views are the number of Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL) in the form of technicians, taking further action to seek more information on courses e.g. pricing, availability etc. Modal views are a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) of sales conversions and provide an accurate means to measure market interaction. Modal Views divided by Page Impressions x 100 provide the Click Through Rate (CTR) %.

Training Course Engagement Results

Training courses have been uploaded between the below date range by Spanset resulting in 17,222 highly qualified Page Impressions, providing a CTR rate and KPI of 1,187/6.89%.

Looking at our total market. If your average course price is £500, sales conversions of 0.01% from a user network of 140,000+ will present a good ROI (14 technicians x £500 = £7,000) far in excess of the cost of the account, confirming your annual Rigg Access subscription as a positive revenue asset.

*Figures stand at the time of writing. All figures are subject to incremental change

How much is it costing you to do business? What is your Cost Per Click (CPC)? What is your Click Through Rate (CTR)?

Rigg Access allows trainers to distribute their courses, directly into the single largest Qualified Market, of technicians actively seeking training. If you want to generate more revenue upgrade now and benefit from figures that other trainers are achieving