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As professionals, we are all task jugglers. We are always busy, have a lot of activities going on at once and never have enough time to get any of them done.

Time management is a learned skill that can help us become more efficient at doing the things that are important. Take a look at some of the ways we can begin to develop time management skills:

* Take control - Take an inventory of everything you need to accomplish. Always know exactly what is on your plate.

* Learn to say no - Only take on the tasks you will realistically be able to accomplish. Co-workers will appreciate your help if you are able but they will also be thankful for your honesty if you are too busy.

* Delegate appropriately - You can't always handle everything by yourself. Keep the jobs that you consider to be most important for yourself and ask for help with the responsibilities that are less important.

* Take interruptions in your stride - Control the amount of times you let yourself lose focus.

* Prioritize - List your order of business then list the steps you need to take to accomplish each.

* Set a timetable to measure how you are doing

* Keep tabs on yourself and make good use of your time

* Have alternatives for how you will spend your time if you have to wait for someone or something

* Don't inundate yourself - Be sure to take some time out for yourself to clear your head and relax.
Most of all, try to remember - time management takes time!

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