Rope Access Skills Shortage

Having problems getting the right Rope Access technicians? You're not alone. There is currently a wordlwide skills shortage through:

Feedback from global contractors inform us that following factors are preventing recruiters getting hold of suitable candidates, which is likely to take at least 24-36 months to resolve.

Adding Rigg Access to your recruitment strategy, provides unique access to Rope Access, NDT and Wind Energy skills, unavailable on any other platform. Give your recruiters the tools they need now to avoid unfulfilled contracts.


❌ Regular churn – Techs leaving the industry through retirement etc
❌ Four year O&G recession – No work? Skills leave.
❌ Using small social recruitment networks excludes the majority of techs from work opportunities. If techs can’t see work opportunities they can’t apply for the job and will seek income security elsewhere, adding to knowledge loss and diminishing the skills market.

✔️ For Rope Access services globally, from established sectors.
✔️ Recovery in the oil price.
✔️ Continuing growth in emerging sectors e.g. Wind Energy

The Black Spot – Represents the average professional recruitment network of 6,000 mixed contacts.    
The Blue Spot – A scale ratio [29/1] of our  USER NETWORK  which currently stands at 246,679 global  ROPE ACCESS  |  NDT |  WIND ENERGY  Inspection, Repair & Maintenance industry professionals.  


skills shortage in the rope access industry

Use Rigg Access to:

✔️ Slash the cost of hire. Unlimited recruitment without agency fees.
✔️ Drastically reduce time spent sifting ineligible applications.
✔️ Cut time to hire by posting to up to 60 channels with one click.
✔️ Massively extend your reach into the Rope Access, NDT and Wind Energy skills pool; again cutting time to hire.
✔️ Use smart filtering to get applicant response only from the States/Regions/Provinces/Countries you select.
✔️ Recruit from the top 5% of Rope Access, NDT and Wind Energy skilled techs.
✔️ Post jobs ads for colleagues in other countries/business units.
♻️ Feed back into industry. Build local skills capacity with Rigg Access - more skilled trades seeing work opportunities, results in more skilled trades entering Rope Access and greater availability for your ops.

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