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CLS Offshore Limited
CLS Offshore Ltd is a privately owned Company providing a range of products and services to the oil & gas and renewable energy industry, throughout the World. As the UK's leading Drilling Package/MODU/Fixed Installation specialist fabrication and engineering Company we offer a vast range of services to all codes and standards. Please click the link for further details.

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PFL Engineering Services Ltd
At PFL Engineering, we offer Access, Inspections and Maintenance (AIM) services like Rope Acess, Scaffolding, Tension Netting, NDT Inspections, Lifting Equipment Inspection, Fabrication, Blasting & Painting, Emergency Response, Technical Manpower and Training to the Oil, Gas, Energy, Petrochemical and Marine Sectors.

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Our extensive online database of international companies is the only one of its type and covers a whole range of companies. We make it easy for contract awarding bodies to find the companies they need FAST–Global Coverage For Large and Small

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Recent companies

Rope Access company based in Thailand
joined: 20/05/2015 06:11:53

Dacon provides pipeline inspections, asset integrity, training and all conventional and advanced NDT technique...
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Rope Access company based in United Kingdom - Wales
joined: 18/05/2015 14:00:10

Skelton Thomas was formed in 1953 and has recently formed a Rope Access and NDT Inspection company. ...
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Rope Access company based in Romania
joined: 18/05/2015 12:05:23

Bolt tensioning, Laser alignment, Hempel certified coating repair works, Rope access works, Commissioning, Ind...
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Rope Access company based in Canada - Ontario
joined: 26/04/2015 18:08:35

Apex Ropes Services brings many years of experience in the entertainment industryWe understand the unique chal...
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