And the winner is...

The best IRATA trainee of 2019 in the IQTC has been announced.

It is a time to announce the winner of the trophy for The best IRATA trainee of 2019 in the IQTC.

Evaluating results of the written test, practical exam and attitude to training culture, we have 3 equal winners – Aleksandr Drozdov, Ivan Laptev, Oleg Petrov, company ILROS MONTAZH Ltd.

Through the debates of the committee we have decided to give the trophy to the company who employs such an excellent team and we will be glad to accept them to the next level of IRATA training.

This year will be no exception and the next Challenge for the Excellence for The best IRATA trainee 2020 in the IQTC has started form 1st of January 2020.

Moreover – as IQTC has announced this year as a time for a better change – 1 Eur from each IRATA course will be transferred to the IQTC donation account.

At the end of the year the funds will be given to IQTC chosen Charity. Apply to IRATA training and accept the Challenge for an Excellence! 

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