CMC 6th Edition Rope Rescue Technician Manual and Field Guide Now Available

Rope Rescue Techniques in a convenient book or free app

Available now!

The 6th Edition Rope Rescue Technician Field Guide is available free on our CMC Field Guide App or available for purchase on our website, or at your authorized CMC dealer.

The companion Field Guide to the CMC Rope Rescue Technician Manual includes updated rope rescue techniques written and edited by our founder, Jim Frank, and former CMC School Director, John McKently. 

The 6th Edition includes the following updates:

  • New section on Twin-Tension Systems
  • More on Ladder Rescue Systems
  • New section on Skate Block Systems
  • Techniques for belaying with the CMC CLUTCH by Harken Industrial
  • User information for the CLUTCH
  • Test results of contamination on polyester ropes
  • And more!