Cape Australia - Record Safety Performance!

Cape Australia is proud to report that we have achieved 10 Million Hours - LTI free over the last 1,000 days.

We are extremely proud to report that through the combined efforts of everyone within our business, Cape Australia has reached the significant milestone of 10 Million Hours - LTI free. Of even greater significance is that the milestone was achieved over the last 1,000 days.

For each and every one of those days, we have provided our full range of critical services across our maintenance and construction operations both onshore and offshore in a safe and professional manner and ensured everyone went home safely at the end of their shift or swing.

This Milestone is a fantastic achievement and an absolute validation of the great people and professional culture that exists within the Cape business. We recruit, train and work with some of the best people in the industry and perform difficult and hazardous tasks day in and day out. Our people understand why safety is so important and that in great teams there is a moral obligation to look after each other and themselves.

I would like to sincerely thank each and every employee and our customers for working together to define excellence on a daily basis.

Neil Sadler
Cape Australia
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