5 Ways NOT to Get That Job!

Hints and tips to make sure you get great jobs

As you may already know, rigg-access.com makes it easier for international Rope Access companies to get in touch with international Rope Access/Inspection personnel. One of the benefits to us is the feedback that we get from both parties, feedback that can [and often does ] help you. This is one of those times! We’ve put together a list of the top 5 things that influence whether or not a company will employ you: NUMBER ONE: ************** * Bad Spelling / grammatical errors If you can’t spell or write properly, how are you going to help the companies image – especially when writing a report etc..? Fix It:- Whatever language you are writing in, check for spelling mistakes and grammatical errors [even easier if you are using a computer to do this!] NUMBER TWO ************** * Incorrect details on your CV/Resume They think they can employ you, give you a call, eventually manage to track you down and speak to you then find out that the ticket you had on your cv/resume expired 6 months ago! Fix It:- Regularly check the details on your CV/Resume, even things such as layout can affect your employment chances. NUMBER THREE ************** * Not reading ads properly A company recently advertised for Rope Access Level 3 personnel, they had many applications for the correct level but had DOZENS of applications from Levels 1+2’s. They had to use an extra person from the office to sift through the applications [thereby costing them more cash]. No doubt the names of those concerned may be remembered in the future – would you employ someone who doesn’t even bother to read the relevant information before they send details? Fix It:- Scan through all ads at least a couple of times, only send out your details once you are happy that you fit the bill NUMBER FOUR ************** * Lack of adequate contact details Quite a few companies have suffered from people with the relevant details getting in touch but only leaving an email address for contact. When the email address has been replied to, either the details in the users mail client were wrong, or the email address was invalid. These people lost a potentially great job just because their email client wasn’t set up properly! Fix It:- Make sure your email address/email client are set up properly. ALWAYS leave at least two options for a reply – email/mobile phone are [by far] the best. NUMBER FIVE ************** * Bad email address Some people use the same email address for personal and business use, look at these two email addresses and think, if you were an employer, which one you would employ: Phatt_knob_jockey@hotmail.com OR RopeAccessTech@hotmail.com It’s not difficult to see that the person sending mail from the Phatt_knob_jockey account will have difficulty representing his/her company to a satisfactory level. BOTH of these emails could have been sent from the same person but, if you were an employer, which one would you choose? Fix It:- Use at least two email accounts. Have one for personal, one for business, try to give the business one a more professional look. Finally ****** these are only a few of the horror stories we’ve had sent in, we know that you are too good to make mistakes like these , but print this out and keep it handy – you may find it could benefit someone else.. Article written by Tom at www.rigg-access.com The worlds BUSIEST Rope Access website