IQTC has gained the new experience. First Direct Entry to IRATA Level 2 Rope access training has been organised.

“Behind every success is an effort, behind every effort is passion, behind every passion is someone with the courage to try.”

And here we met – IQTC and Ephi (Ephraim) Nagel – two sides, driven with passion and effort.

Ephi, who already had a good experience in rope access, had turned to IQTC with a request and will to take a Direct Entry to IRATA Rope access Level 2.

Direct entry to Level 2 or 3 means that candidate can take “fast track” approach (skipping previous level of rope access training) if he has at least the same level of experience as an equivalent IRATA technician, recorded acceptable hours, etc. Before the training can take a place, the applicant should be approved by the IRATA verifier and should be prepared to take a two day independent assessment. 

For IQTC it was a new experience. One thing when you know how to do it in the theory (guidelines), but a whole different matter when you need to do it in practice. With thanks to the IRATA team for their support, and Ephi, who provided us with all “must have information” (first time someone has got all of it!) and passed two separate assessments, was the first of IQTC’s trainees to reach his goal.

"I finished the course in Latvia this week and I think my success was due in part to the people who were involved. My instructors were professional and very nice and all the other people from IQTC, who were a part of the process, did everything in their power to help to ease the paperwork hassle, lower the cost and smile and be polite at me. In one sentence - I had fun doing the course. I would definitely recommend IQTC for my friends," says Ephi.

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