Spanish Rope Access training company offers unusual IRATA training

If you had the freedom to pick and choose the dates for your next IRATA course then, from what we hear, this one would surely have to be up there at the top of the list – the IRATA Tomata: a weird and wonderful concoction of IRATA training and all out tomato warfare held every year in Spain during the last week in August… and this year is no exception.On Wednesday 29th August, at 11.00am precisely, an unbelievably loud fire-cracker will be launched from the main square in the tiny Spanish town of Bunyol to mark the start of the largest legitimate food fight in the known universe: LA TOMATINA.Amongst the 40,000 international participants will be a bunch of equally international IRATA technicians, blindly following the crowds into the mire. By the time the third and final truck has dumped its load of tomatoes into the streets, the IRATA boys will be knee deep in red tomato sludge, adrenaline pumping, waging bitter revenge on their instructor, and frantically flinging fruit at anyone and everyone else in sight.But isn’t this tomato stuff all just a little bit silly for an IRATA training company that reputedly takes the quality of its training and assessments so seriously? Carl at Valencia Vertical sheds some light on the situation:“To be honest, last year’s Tomata is, for me, the best course I’ve ever run – the mid-course tomato fight somehow seemed to ease the tension and everyone ended up working really well together for the rest of the week. We’ll definitely be doing it again this year, and the course is open to anyone.” The IRATA Tomata course starts in Valencia, Spain on Monday 27 August with assessment on Saturday 1st September. If you want to know more about it you can;Contact Carl on : info@valenciavertical.comVisit the website at: Call : +34 627 597 046