Rope Access for the London 2012 Olympics

The London 2012 Olympics is fast approaching and the site is edging closer to completion. Rope access solutions are beginning to impact on construction.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ProAltus Industries Ltd is proud to announce its involvement on the Aquatic Centre stadium for the London 2012 Olympics,providing rope access solutions for various industrial purposes including painting, steel erection, testing and survey techniques. The stadium is a stunning design by Zaha Hadid Architects and incorporates an upper and lower boom of free standing steel with only minimal structural support. The wave like appearance and aquatic flow to the stadium will impose heavily on visitors as they leave the station and head towards the Olympic Park. It will leave a lasting legacy, something this Olympics is mindful of achieving, and provide London with a stadium of unique beauty.As the Olympic Park draws closer to its conclusion and majority of the structures reach their fabrication stage, there will be more demand for rope access solutions as the technique allows contractors to effectively reach any area of a structure with minimal disruption to ongoing works and at a favourable cost to most conventional forms of access. The versatility that rope access has to offer is proving invaluable even at this early stage of the Aquatic Centre construction.The Olympic Park has spent a great deal of time, energy and undoubtedly money, advertising a safe work site, permits to work are in place and stringent drug testing and job safety analysis procedures are normal and considered part of the daily routine. It is therefore befitting that rope access is now actively playing a part in that chain of safety. With an exemplary safety record and very low incident rates in comparison to other work trades rope access following the IRATA legislation is a perfect example of a safety procedure that works!The whole of the gantry walkways whilst under construction on the Aquatic Centre were inaccesible to all personnel until completion and handover. ProAltus operatives subsequently made the walkway safe with a double rope system in less than one day, allowing all site personnel safe access to the lower steel booms. It is this kind of skill that rope access can offer to major construction sites, specialist training in safety at height that cannot be dismissed and is proving a valuable tool in the construction of the London 2012 Olympic site. ####ProAltus IndustriesTel: 0800 5677165W: