Nordic Access provides a wide array of wind turbine services

Why rope access is the best way to inspect and repair blades?

Why choose rope access for your next blade inspection or maintenance project?

1. Cost Reduction. As the project can be completed significantly faster and it requires fewer man-hours this translates to a reduction in costs. Save your money!

2. Increased Safety. GWO and IRATA certified rope access technicians have been statistically proven to be amongst the safest personnel in the working-at-height industry.

3. Reduce Down Time. Rope access equipment can be installed and removed in minutes. Using rope access, work can be completed 3 times faster than on blade platforms.

4. Environmentally Friendly. Rope access techniques have a minimal effect on the environment and do not require petrol, oil or electricity to access even the highest or tightest of areas.

Nordic Access delivers a wide array of services for wind turbines:
 - Blade Inspections
 - Blade Maintenance and Repairs
 - LEP (Leading Edge Protection) Installations
 - LPS (Lightning Protection Systems) Testing and Replacement
 - Drone Inspections
 - Nondestructive testing (NDT) and many more

Extend the Lifespan of your Wind Turbine Blades using Nordic Access rope access solutions! Contact us for a quotation or just to know more about our services on +358 (0)40 021 5981 or via