2008 IRATA Work and Safety Statistics - Supported by Total Access

Total Access are delighted to have supported the excellent 2008 IRATA Work and Safety Statistics.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Graham Burnett, Total Access MD & IRATA Immediate Past Chairman said"The evolution of IRATA has been intriguing and satisfying. From the point twenty years ago where a few IRATA companies were working for the oil and gas industry off UK coasts, it has taken this cost effective work around the world but is now also successfully involved in the maintenance, inspection, cleaning and painting of diverse onshore sites including iconic high-rise structures, major bridges, ultra new and famously old buildings, the natural environment, rail networks and structures, wind turbines and much, much more. Because of its unparalleled safe working record and unique environmental advantages IRATA is the friend of multi-national companies, utilities, councils, architects and designers, safety advisers and building consultants."For the 20th year the Annual Work and Safety Analysis of work undertaken around the world by the member companies of IRATA International confirms its unique reliability in the work-at-height sector. This survey, compiled by an expert in work safety acting independently from the Association, shows IRATA to be dedicated to high standards that it has now been able to take to all corners of the world. Rope access offers credible and effective work solutions with dramatic environmental benefitsHeadlines from the Analysis* A massive increase in number of hours worked – now 3.86 million around the world!* Another remarkably low incident rate – 1.30 per 100000 hours worked!* Now more than 200 member companies; 149 in this 2008 survey.* Only five injuries officially classed as ‘Major.’ No deaths!* Accident/incident rate one-third of that quoted by the HSE for the construction sector!* Loss of work time through injury far below UK average!Please see the full press release here:http://www.totalaccess.co.uk/Upload/File/Press_Release.pdfand the safety statistics here:http://www.totalaccess.co.uk/Upload/File/Work_and_Safety_Analysis_2008.pdf ####Total Access (UK) LtdTel: 01785 850333W: www.totalaccess.co.ukDetails: www.rigg-access.com/company/more_details.asp?uid=7074