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Rope access Rope access is a form of work positioning that allows experienced technicians to access work sites using methods originally derived from climbing and caving, these methods have been improved upon and implemented into the off-shore, construction and maintenance industries.Rope access has an enviable safety record that most other sectors of the working at height industry cannot match. The Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA) assesses individual technicians and audits member companies, which allows the industry to share information, techniques and knowledge, which improves and builds on its excellent safety record.A rope access technician always has attachments, each having an independent anchorage point.When ropes support the worker, each of the worker's ropes will have a fail-safe descent and safety mechanism.All secondary tools and equipment are attached by lanyards to the worker's harness.A minimum of two technicians is required for any job.All technicians are independently assessed.Training includes rescue procedures.All equipment is regularly inspected and maintained.Codes of practice and working systems have been carefully refined over the years by the HSE and IRATA. We are willing to offer advice and site visits to discuss your particular needs regarding all aspects of rope access and working at height. ####Rope Task LimitedTel: + 44 (0)121 556 2958W: www.ropetask.comDetails: