The Sitescan D20 performs a high wire act!

Sitescan D-20 lives up to the real world of guy rope weld testing, proving that the flaw detector's wins through and is more than fit for purpose.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE After being launched in late 2008 the new D-Series digital flaw detectors are now penetrating the market and proving to technicians that they are “up” to the job. Very “high up” – to the job!A recent application for the new D-Series unit was to be used in testing guy wire welds/connections on TV Transmission tower, 1000 feet up and is a critical inspection. These particular types of guy connections can experience fatigue cracks, that have led to tower failures in the past.Patrick Rhodes, NDT Consultant, believed the Sonatest D-20 DFD was an ideal Flaw Detector for the following reasons; “The small flat design allowed me to carry the scope in my belt bags (typical bolt bags) while climbing on the tower and the ergonomic design allowed for single handed operation. The user definable buttons were particularly useful in that they saved key strokes whilst testing and hanging from the tower. The picture does not show it, but I was hanging from a harness with my feet dangling. I had to use one hand to steady myself as is evident from the white knuckles on my right hand as I clutched the tower leg.” The accompanying photograph was taken at 950 feet.####Sonatest LtdTel: 0044 (0)1908 316345W: www.sonatest.comDetails: