Show your support for Breast Cancer Awareness by buying one of these limited edition Pink DMM Hitch Climber Sets

In support of the Against Breast Cancer 5% of each sale will go to this very worthy charity

Help support the Against Breast Cancer charity by buying one of these limited edition Pink DMM Hitch Climber sets. Order before the 28th August and receive your set early in the Breast Cancer Awareness month of October.

Set includes:

1 x Hitch Climber Triple Attachment Rapide Pulley - Pink

2 x Ultra O Locksafe Karabiners - Pink

Simply whilst stocks last! To order yours click here.

The DMM Hitch Climber Rapide Triple Attachment Pulley is an even more efficient version of the popular Hitch Climber Pulley. It combines a small three hole rigging plate with a pulley as before, but the pulley spins on a high efficiency roller bearing making it even smoother and therefore much more efficient in a full range of applications. It can obviously be used as a standard pulley, but the additional holes allow it to be guided or controlled without adding any complication into the system. All the edges are rope and textile friendly allowing direct attachment that minimises bulk and maximises versatility. A deep grooved, contact sealed roller bearing gives maximium efficiency and minimal maintenance requirement.

The DMM Ultra O oval karabiners are a clean nose connector with a high strength to weight ratio. The deep symmetrical basket allows pulleys, webbing, ropes  and even other karabiners to naturally sit centrally in the oval basket but still allow easy stacking of components on either side.  Any weight transfer then happens without any unnerving jumps associated with offset and D shaped karabiners.

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