Skytec Solutions UAV Wind Turbine Inspection

Skytec Solutions wind turbine inspection uaing drone/UAV producing huge savings in downtime, man hours and project costs.

Here at Skytec Solutions 

 We were able to inspect all 3 blades simultaneously in around 30 minutes including set up time.

Traditionally this would be done via rope access methods using a 3 man team. With the vertical blade being inspected, the turbine must be rotated and rope access equipment set up another 2 times. In total this usually takes appox 5-6 hours depending on blade length.

Not only can Skytec Solutions minimise the risk of an incident at height but also be the most cost effective solution, by reducing inspection times by up to 80% and overall project turn around.

The financial savings using our drones are huge, by less down time and less man hours this results in wind turbines producing power for longer.

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