Skytec solutions Drone based blade inspection, reporting and repair service using multi skilled technitians for reduced costs

Skytec solutions Drone based live blade inspections, reporting and emergency repair service using multi skilled technician's for huge project savings

More blade inspection's completed by Skytec Solutions 

Our 3 man UAV inspection team are able to inspect and report 24 x blades in less than 1 full day by using our cloud based on-site reporting system.

With our 20 mega pixel 30 x optical zoom 4k camera system, we are able to deliver inspections that are of the highest standard with an optional live link in HD 1080p direct to the clients desk for real time inspections . We fly with duel battery configuration that offers 35 minutes of flight time and redundancy, we use DJI's state of the art position sensing system which adds an extra element of safety with its collision avoidance capability. All of which is critical when providing a quick, reliable but safe inspection service.

After reports have been completed and areas of have been established we then have the capability to inspect further by rope access methods. Upon clients request we then have the ability to carryout emergency temporary repairs to minimise turbine downtime, this drastically reduces mobilisation fees as our blade techs are already onsite.

Our experienced drone teams are qualified in blade inspection and repair. They are also GWO working at height and IRATA trained. Our on-site reporting facility and working at height capability makes us the most cost effective solution compared to any other UAV inspection provider.

We can also carryout blade repairs via another preferred working at height method. Mobile truck mounted platforms of up to 99m can be provided as we are working closely with one of the UKs biggest mobile platform providers that are highly experienced n all aspects of turbine blade maintenance.

Advantages of using Skytec Solutions are -

- Quicker inspection times and reduced costs

- Live real time inspection capability 

- Quicker emergency repair turnaround 

- Reduced turbine downtime

- Reduced mobilisation fees

- Usage of single contractor for duration of project

- Experienced multi skilled technician's

- Understanding critical project information from start to finish

- Reduced project turnaround

- Reduced project costs

- Total turnkey solution


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