Under Bridge inspection using drones/3D reporting System

Skytec Solutions under bridge inspection using UAV and 3D reporting system

Bridge inspections can be one of the most difficult structures to inspect, especially when an under bridge inspection is required. It can take hours for rope access teams to set up an adequate access system. Even then it still can be the most risky of jobs as access/rescue procedures become more complex.  

Rope access company's are currently using a span system that is made up of an alloy triangulated structure that is suspended by tirfor  cables under the bridge. This is a very good system but it is also very time consuming and obviously increases the risk of an incident at height during the inspection process.

Skytec Solutions are able to demonstrate an easy but effective access alternative for this type of inspection. We are able to deploy our drone quickly to survey every part of the bridge, as you can see from the image we were able to detect corrosion in various areas. Not only is this the primary objective of the inspection process but we are also able to confirm areas that do not need further inspection. In turn this is a very useful tool as rope access teams can then focus their attention on areas that have been identified as defective. This can save project costs and overall duration as time is not wasted setting up systems where the bridge is in good condition. Using our 3D reporting system we are able to create an accurate 3D Model of the bridge, we were then able to pin point areas on the bridge with a detailed image attached and description of the defect found. After completion of report the client were then able to log in our cloud based system and review the inspections and defects found to assess and make decision's quickly.

Rope access teams were then deployed to these specific locations around the bridge to carry out further inspections and coating maintenance required.

The client estimated that by using our UAV service for the inspection phase we saved around 50% in overall project costs. To that of using traditional rope access methods for the duration of the project.

We can provide a similar inspection service to any type of structure and utilise our cloud based 3D reporting system in any project.

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