United Rope Access Limited

United Rope Access Limited, Subscriber services, Consultancy and Competitions for Irata and Non Irata Rope Access Technicians!

 United Rope Access Limited invite you to review our website, join us on our journey to:

  •  A safer industry to work in as technicians will have the power to report companies for unsafe acts anonymously, allowing data to be collected and reported to the required governance.
  • Better terms and conditions for all technicians, regardless of employed or subcontractor. Legal support for any member technicians that have a case for action against an employer, this could include but not limited to; unfair dismissal, holding back of pay, unfair request on the grounds of health & safety.
  • HR advice and support for any member technicians and their families, knowing your rights will help in everyday working life. Advice is from a highly qualified graduate who specialises in employment law. (HR are in place to protect companies, our HR is in place to protect you!)
  • Rope Access Companies can contact us for advice on how to improve their business, with consultants available to help. We hope that this will help the companies get to a standard that is morally acceptable, safe and a better place to work for our member technicians. Working together will make the industry safer and the standards higher, helping to manage the companies that are not audited by IRATA (Non IRATA member companies).
  • Once we have enough members, United Rope Access Limited will continue the process to become a legal trade union for the rope access industry. Only members will be able to nominate the committee, with only members able to vote and elect the committee. This will completely transform the industry most of us have battled in and loved for a long time, removing the companies that trade unfairly or unsafely, making the good companies bigger and stronger and eventually putting in place a national minimum pay rate for rope access technicians, rates that will be voted on by the members and committee.

Follow this link for more information on how to join us www.unitedra.org.uk/how-to-join

United Rope Access will be running various competitions for subscribers for FREE and non subscribers for the ticket price associated with the specific competition. To join in and for your chance to win www.unitedra.org.uk/competition