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  • You may already be in the Rope Access trade, you may have an interest in trying it out, whatever your circumstances, if you aren't earning the maximum amount of money in the shortest possible time, this software is for you!

    We've put everything together in a powerful and user friendly software program - "Rope Access Career Pack". It contains everything you need to know to get the most out of Rope Access. Accessed from online it ensures you can always reach your information.

    Here are just a few highlights of the powerful secrets you'll discover in this amazing and unique software:
    • How the global Rope Access and Inspection industry actually works
    • Proven tips and tricks to help you fast track into the business
    • How to negotiate your own salary - this tip alone could be worth hundreds of pounds to you!
    • You'll discover insider examples used by professional editing companies that show you how to write the perfect cover letters, C.V.'s/Resumes. You can easily use them to make your written communications stand out from the crowd!
    • You'll learn how to avoid a HUGE mistake that hundreds of Rope Access job seekers make every day when they think that all jobs are advertised. This small mistake could prove disastrous!
    • Secret techniques for telephone mannerisms and why they can make or break careers
    • The "secret" to effective networking. Learn how to use the opinions of other people to benefit your goals. Networking - One of the biggest tools you have in the workplace is a means by which you can find the Rope Access and Inspection jobs that NEVER get advertised.
    • Discover how you can get "repeat" jobs from your employers
    • How you can get your employing companies to sponsor you, learn to save your hard earned cash!
    • How to become a director of your OWN company (it beats working for a living!)
    • Plus many more closely guarded secrets that you won't find anywhere else, all revealed for the very first time!

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