BEGIN:VCARD VERSION:2.1 N:Federico Figueroa C. FN:Federico Figueroa C. TITLE:CEO NOTE;ENCODING=QUOTED-PRINTABLE:Seguridad Vertical provides entertainment rigging services in various fields as concerts, performing arts, live performances, extreme sports practice and acrobatic shows, TV commercials, openings, corporate and launch events. URL;WORK: UID:9977 TEL;PREF;WORK:+50683768383 TEL;CELL;VOICE:+50683768383 TEL;FAX: ORG:Seguridad Vertical S.A - 9977 ADR;WORK:;;Santa Ana, Escazu - Costa Rica ;;1201;Costa Rica LABEL;HOME;ENCODING=QUOTED-PRINTABLE:Santa Ana, Escazu - Costa Rica =0D=0A1201=0D=0ACosta Rica X-WAB-GENDER:1 BDAY:20221230 EMAIL;PREF; REV:20220128T046200Z technical deptEND:VCARD