MATS approved syllabus – available at SpanSet Training from 2 April

Introducing MATS approved syllabus training now available at SpanSet

The Mast and Tower Safety (MATS) Group consists of organisations that own or manage masts and towers. The aim of the Group is to provide and share information and guidance on safe working at height and occupational RF (radio frequency) issues associated with broadcast and communications antennas and equipment. SpanSet as providers of high quality training including work at height, are proud to be offering MATS approved syllabus training from 2 April. MATS Basic Tower Climber and Rescue Training – for new starters to the telecoms industry MATS Tower Climber and Rescue Training Validation – existing climbers.  The introduction of the approved syllabus is something the MATS Groups has been committed to in order to deliver consistent safety training to the Telecoms Industry and ensure climbers are suitably skilled. To find out more and book a SpanSet MATS approved syllabus training courses contact the SpanSet Training Team. 

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