SpanSet has been featured in The Parliamentary Review

SpanSet are proud to have been invited to contribute to The Parliament Review - a guide to industry best practice!

Co-chaired by Lord Blunkett and Lord Eric Pickles, The Parliamentary Review is a bastion of political insight which serves as an indispensable guide to industry best practice. This analysis is communicated across a variety of editions, each of which covers a single UK policy sector; these include but are not limited to finance, education, environment, healthcare, manufacturing and technology.

By combining 50 years of experience and expertise, Cheshire-based SpanSet is the preferred partner for many blue chip organisations. Writing in The Review, they explain how the company has grown and diversified over the years, and the best way to operate as part of a global group.

Manufacturing excellence has always been a jewel in the crown of British industry, and progress over recent years has proven that this sentiment is still accurate. The 2017/18 edition of The Parliamentary Review covers a variety of sub-sectors and includes submissions from companies across the country. Co-chairman of The Review, Lord Pickles, has noted that this year's Review provides "content from a wide range of organisations - small and large; new and old; those at the peak of their powers and those who have peaks to surmount" all of whose voices must be listened to by those in power. Writing in The Review, the prime minister says that "British politics provides ample material for analysis in the pages of The Parliamentary Review."

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